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We are gala, we eat sleep and breathe code. We take care of our clients...


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A sovereign of high character and intelligence must be able to know the right man, should place the responsibility on him, and expect results.


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Geeky computing professionals are sought after based on the experience and programming style. Do not feed the coders!


Core Offerings

Silky smooth project executions and transitions. Providing NO LIMIT technology solutions!


Everything under one roof.

Simple ideas turn into revolutionary innovations. Our knowledge is what pushes our clients further.


The saga continues!

Realistic approaches to software design, we dont cut corners on coding practices. Websites and eCommerce designs that blow the competition away.
Sorry competitors, we win!

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Creative Computer Engineers

Execution of the finest paradigms in technology.

Creative and Coding = Fantastic


/ / We are galaco.

Your favorite custom web, software and ultra creative digital agency from Canada. Congratulations, now all of your web, marketing or software can be sensibly developed and deployed by us under one roof!

If your breathing right now and the requirements of your project contain letters, numbers or legible scribble, yes we can do that!  Contact Us via phone or the form below for an intelligent conversion anytime.

More About Us

/ / legends of gala.

Built in Canada, we are experienced digital pioneers who enjoy developing beautiful multi-platform websites, elegant code and anything computing. Stylized coding, clean database structure and hyper-server speed make us tick! We appreciate the most challenging tasks and projects, because quite literally we find them fun.

Our disposition is a colourful blend of straightforward geeky ethical professional coders and positive thinking creative artistic directors. We enjoy watching the work we provide help produce the right results for businesses, the first time.

/ / Turnkey Solutions.


eCommerce and informative websites are the bread and butter of todays global business movement. Make a statement to your clients with a powerful easy to navigate, crisp-clean design. We always maintain optimized coding practices and keep sites scaleable to evolving technology trends.

galaco tech
  • Responsive HTML5 Web Development
  • Multi layout websites - 100% device compatible
  • Minimalistic & Cross Browser Compliant
  • Interactive Ecommerce Shops Web Services
  • Get web development done securely & creatively

Creative Marketing

Reach, reach and more reach! Maximize your company reach by covering all possible avenues locally, provincially, nationally or globally. Pinpoint your target audience and shoot to kill! Well, not really but at least let us pre calculate your return on investment before you launch your campaign.

galaco tech
  • Stunning Direct Text Messaging conversions
  • Perfectly executed email campaigns
  • Creative Advertising generates a buzz
  • Old advertising concepts only reach the trash


Lets be honest, we are the best choice! Just to prove it we offer free consultations and discuss your possiblities in plain English without the run around. We make unbiased recommendations to YOU and tastefully begin project phases until completion.

galaco tech
  • Creative Direction specific to each project
  • No hidden pricing, we always communicate clearly
  • Enjoyable communication, we keep in touch
  • Fact: Canadians coders are better looking than Americans

/ / critically creative.

Armed with keyboards and computers our coders are elite masters in the custom software coding jungle. Other barbaric programmer tribes can only stare in amazement as we polish our diamond encrusted pocket protectors. Sorry code monkeys, your jungle base belongs to us ;)

/ / pushing the boundaries.

We are open for new projects and challenges. Our quantum computing rates are very affordable. Now welcoming NFC Applications Development, Motion and Kinect Sensor user experience UI+UX,.. oh, and of course we do simple business website design, eCommerce shopping carts and advanced smartphone apps.


/ / real life contact.

We were born ready for brainbusting programming and web development projects of all sizes. Contact us directly via the telephone numbers below for immediate quotes and intriguing discussions ;)


Contact Information

Galaco Technology
Creative Digital Agency
Headquarters: 100 Front Street West
Toronto Ontario, Canada

Local Phone : 8 8 8 - 9 3 9 - 9 7 8 6
International: +0 0 1 - 6 4 7 - 7 0 1 - G A L A